Philippine Eagle Center in Davao

Philippine Eagle Center: Cultivating The Eagle’s Preservation

Visitors in Davao who want an exciting educational tour must visit the Philippine Eagle Center or PEC. This 8.4-acre conservation breeding facility area lies at the foot of Mt. Apo, Malagos, district of Baguio, Davao City. PEC, located inside the Malagos Watershed. 

The Philippine Eagle Center operates to preserve the Philippine eagle and other birds of prey from endangerment. This non-stock and non-profit organization works to ensure that these eagles have a chance to survive and thrive in their natural habitat. PEC also acts to preserve the eagle’s rainforest habitation and the biodiversity that affects them. 

The Philippine eagle or “haribon” is the king of the birds. Because of the destruction of their habitats, the number of these majestic birds decreased radically. The captive breeding program is helping sustain what’s left of the Philippine eagle population and eventually reintroduce them to the wild. 

Visiting the Philippine Eagle Center 

Some of PEC’s breeding centers are prohibited for tourists, but they can access the rest of the park to give them ideas and learn things about the great Philippine eagle. Visitors can roam the large aviaries housing the eagles and smaller cages with native eagles and bird species. There are 40 Philippine eagles in the breeding facility, with half of these birds bred while in the center. 

Guests can also view other animals in the center, like the community of macaques sheltered at the monkey enclosures and reptiles like a giant crocodile. There’s also an abundant view of the natural forest ecosystem. Though the exhibits here aim to help educate the people on avian conservation, PEC is also considered one of the leading tourist attractions in Davao city. 

Touring at PEC is free, but it is recommended to call the PEF Office to arrange a visit in advance and confirm the availability of the tour guides. There is an option for a lecture about PEC’s programs like captive breeding and current research fields on the remaining eagles in the area for larger groups. 

Then there’s what they call “Keeper Talk,” which can also be added to your itinerary. A caretaker gives short lectures about the mighty Philippine eagle, the center, and their work in taking care of the eagles in the location. A falconry demonstration is another thing guests can find in PEC for those who want to witness these preying birds in action. 

A tour at the Philippine Eagle Center is one thing to include in your Davao trip. It’s a great learning experience to visit this conservation facility. 

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