Mount Apo Davao Philippines

Magnificent Heights Of Mount Apo

For those who dare to conquer the heights of the Philippines’ highest point, a climb to Mount Apo guarantees a sure unforgettable adventure. Mount Apo stands in the south-central Mindanao region and lies about 20 miles west of Davao City. This active volcano is also part of Cordillera Central, rising to more than 9,000 feet. 

Also hailed as the Grand Father of the Philippine Mountains, Mount Apo’s highest point is 3,144 meters above sea level. The mountain range is also home to numerous avian species, of which a hundred of these are endemic. Mount Apo is one of the country’s highest land-based biodiversity per unit area of flora and fauna, marked as one of UNESCO’S World Heritage List.  

Trailing the Mount Apo’s Summit 

It is every mountaineer’s dream to brave the peaks of Mount Apo. There are four trails already established going to the summit. 

The shortest distance of these trails is the Sibulan-Mount Apo Peak Trail. Backpackers would pass a farm trail, followed by some jungle trails and boulder trails covering a total of 13.7 kilometers of trekking. 

The Ko-Ong Kidapawan Trail is the widest trail and most traveled. Trekkers will head off to a river, jungle, and grassland areas as they reach the summit. The trail is challenging and a bit farther than the Sibulan trail, covering about 19 kilometers.   

The Kapatagan Trail is adjacent to Sibulan but longer by an estimate of 2 kilometers, having a wider trail with expected obstacles along the trek. The Tamayong Trail is not officially an open trail to Mount Apo but is regarded as the toughest and longest way to the summit. This is because climbers would also pass through Mount Talomo Peak, making it a double major climb for mountaineers. 

The majestic boulders of Mount Apo lead to a breathtaking experience as you ascend to the view of sulfur deposits and gaps on the crater. You’ll arrive at the 87-degree inclined cliff as you go further until you reach the highest peak. There are seven peaks you can view from Mount Apo’s summit. Some tourists would even go peak hopping. In these peaks, you can get to experience the impressive sunset and be greeted by a magical sunrise as you camp. You can also see the sides of Davao and views of Mount Matutum and Lake Venado. 

On your way back, you might even get to see a Philippine eagle hovering over the skies. The hot springs at Mount Apo’s foothills are ready to accommodate weary trekkers. Taking a bath at Mundo Apo, Agco Hot Springs in Kidapaway, the Bongolanon Falls in Magpet, and the Mainit Hot Springs in Kapatagan is the best way to end an adventurous trek from Mount Apo’s peak. 

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